Hourglass Events


Glenn Haigh

Oh my word what can I say? What do you say about two of the most amazing ladies you have ever met in the whole world? If life were a fairy tale Jo and Rachel would be my fairy Godsisters; like fairy Godmothers only much younger, and way more beautiful.
You see, without them and without hourglass events, I would not be here. I am the plant, and they are the water that fed and nourished me.
Let me tell you a story:

Last year I turned up to Peterborough with a couple of DIY boards and some laminated posters. I walked into a world I didn't understand, with just two e-books to my name. But, because of the door that these two amazing ladies held open for me, and because they took me to their hearts, Leeds was a different story entirely. At Peterborough they strategically sat me with people they knew I'd learn from, knew I'd stay in contact with. And, they were right, all of this happened. Even more happened than that. Over the course of 12 months I shot up like a beanstalk utilising the contacts Jo and Rach had enabled me to make. Then there was Leeds, I was late getting in due to an oversight in my part, but in I got (I think with a wave of Jo and Rachel's magic wands). Leeds. Leeds. Leeds. Gone was the boy with a few boards and laminates. Hey presto. Cue the man with six paper back novels, with professional swag to boot; BJAR (before Jo and Rach) I didn't even know what swag was. I was gushing with pride for my book covers and swag designs, which I wouldn't have if Jo and Rach had not placed me next to the amazing Samantha Fontien at Peterborough last year, it was her cover artist I used, you see. I sold fifteen novels at Leeds and was on fire with confidence, something I wouldn't have had was it not for Jo and Rach.The point is, though, I wouldn't have these people if it were not for Jo and Rach; they gifted me an author family to support me on my journey. I can never really thank them for that.
I'll try, to, though. Thank you ladies for having the courage, dedication, patience and talent you have to be able to have created hourglass. Truly the most wonderful and the best Godsisters any cinder-fella (that's me) could wish for.
I cannot wait for Darker 2017, Peterborough. I look forward to the day there are three hourglass signings a year- that day will come, won't it?
If you're an author you need hourglass in your life, seriously. No, I mean seriously, you do.
Ps when I find Prince Charming hourglass are planning the wedding, and have seats reserved up front in the cathedral.


Sarah Michelle Lynch

Hourglass go above and beyond to give people a great event. You can trust they will make every effort in all they do. Highly recommended event organisers with every attention to detail made.


F​rancesca Webster

Attended Leeds today they truly went out there way to ensure not only were authors looked after but the readers too! Amazing day!


Jodie Scott

Absolutely fantastic organisation skills. I had the honour of attending the event in Leeds and had such a good day! Thank you to all involved


KA Hobbs

To say I was over the moon to be asked to attend the Leeds signing arranged by Hourglass events is an understatement. From the very beginning I felt 'at home' Jo and Rachel did everything they possibly could to welcome me, keep me up to date with what was going on and answer any questions I had. On the day of the event, I was blown away by the level of organisation - it was absolutely flawless, everything was thought of and nothing was too much.
Hourglass events go above and beyond, they create a 'family' and a network of support that has left me feeling really sad it's all over. I'm so happy Hourglass was my first signing - I couldn't have asked for a better first experience. Jo and Rachel have set the bar so high, I'm not sure how anyone can beat it.
I can't wait for the next one, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you Rachel and Jo for making it an experience I will remember and treasure forever.

2015 reviews

KL Shandwick ~  Rachel and Jo thank you for a fabulous weekend. I’ve made new friends and we can never have enough of those right? Thanks to you guys I got to see some of the faces behind the names that run around my newsfeed every day Well done. Epic Job. X 
EJ Shortall ~  I could not have asked for a better first signing event. You guys did an amazing job with the planning and the amazing little touches. I might have teared up this morning when I finally got around to looking in my goodie bag. Thank you! That level of thought and detail is just amazing. xx
Andy Wilkins ~ … Back home now, I’m exhausted, yet beaming as I reflect on the past 36 hours… My first signing and I thoroughly enjoyed it and want more of the same… It was a pleasure to meet so many awesome people, who I now consider my friends…

Rachel and Jo, you pulled off a flawless event and I thank you, wholeheartedly… From the moment Dee and I arrived, we felt part of the Peterborough family… And the little touches were amazing…
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!
 Cameron Lincoln ~ An amazing event with flawless execution. I had such a tremendous time, thanks Jo and Rachel xx
Ava Manello~ Credit where credits due, you guys did an amazing job x
 Shani Struthers ~ Thanks to you too, Rachel and Jo, the event was truly fabulous.
Lisa J Hobman ~ It was such a wonderful event. Credit to the awesome team behind it xx
Louise Bay ~ Thank you everyone for such an amazing day! It was so great to meet you all. x
 Alison S Parkins ~ I had an awesome weekend! I met so many amazing Authors, Bloggers, Readers and made some beautiful friendships xx
Rachel Brightey and Jo Curtis you rocked it!!!
Emma Seaborne ~ Miss you already sweets …. fabulous time . See you soon xxxx

Lucii Grubb ~  Had an amazing time! You ladies are fabulous! Thank you for an awesome weekend!

Lorraine Lilly Wickson  ~ We had amazing time thank you. You ladies did a brilliant job.. Did I see your next event is in leeds next year? Xxx
Hemmie Martin ~ Congratulations on running such a successful event, we had an amazing time! You’re both so thoughtful and professional, and deserve to do well. Love the little touches like personalised gifts, and the tiny Hourglass on the bag- so sweet! I’m keeping

Jules Rapley Collins ~ Thank you for a lovely day…I got to meet some amazing authors. I’m bringing a friend next time…I was just too shy to go up to some authors on my own♡♡

Amelia J Hunter  ~ Just home and part of my heart is still at the ball. It was an amazing day, fabulous people & one hell of a great night. Congratulations to you both for organising, planning and being the wonderful hosts that you are.

AJ Walters ~ Wow!! What a day. Thank you so much to Rachel Brightey & Jo Curtis for arranging such a wonderful event. For this to be my first signing, you & everyone else made me feel so welcome & relaxed. Thank you. . Xx

Andrea M. Long ~ Adored today. The event was so well organised. Thanks so much Jo Curtis and Rachel Brightey xxx

Tracie Podger ~ Ladies, thank you so much for organising a wonderful event :)I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself and looking forward to the ball later. Rachel Bright
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