It has taken us a while to get the words together to write this post and the reason for that is that we have been soaking up all the Peterborough buzz!

Thought we would start at the beginning and go back a year….

As I'm (Rachel) part of the Orchard book club I have been lucky enough over the years to have been blogging and interacting with so many great authors from all genres and in all stages of their writing careers; we thought it would be just amazing to be able to put a signing together.

Nicola Higgins from Orchard helped no end to build a fabulous list of authors to contact and invite to the event. After a while we knew we would need sponsors or backing to get a good signing together. Myself and Jo had managed a few events together and knew Hourglass would achieve the standard Orchard needed and Peterborough was the best location for our first author signing event.

The run up was a real roller coaster and totally consumed our lives for 9 months, the Peterborough Event was our baby!! We loved every single minute of it!

We wanted the signing and the evening ball to have a really close and friendly feel, keeping it intermit and personal all the way through; by adding the little touches we think we achieved  the effect we were striving for.

The night before the event myself and Jo went to the hotel to setup, the nerves were quite high and I don't think we had eaten or slept for days, it was like planning a wedding for 30 brides lol. Once a few of the authors had started to arrive they were popping into the hall to say hello, hugs were exchanged and we started to relax into it all. When we had finished the hall, we popped into the bar for a well needed drink and a bowl of chips! It was lovely to see everyone chatting, comparing travel stories; the laughter was contagious. It was reluctantly that we slipped off home leaving all the fun and wine behind, we needed to do some final checks and get some beauty sleep! (at least until the 5am alarm went off!)

Jo and I are big on lists, we had ticked all the boxes and just knew we had it all covered, even down to the finest detail; it was just the butterflies that were going wild! We had arranged a meet and greet coffee in the garden room for us all to chat and fill up on caffeine plus it gave us a few minutes to compose ourselves before the rest of our guests arrived.

We knew it would run smoothly and we had the makings of a great event, with the help of our terrific friends the day went seamlessly. What we hadn't imagined was the way everyone would embrace the day, the tables and banners looked fantastic and gave the room a fabulous feel to it. 9.50am arrived and we both left the room with our ticket guest list, wrist bands and scanner at the ready (those butterflies were still doing loops). The buzz of excitement from the fans was awesome, everyone chatting whilst they waited the last few minutes for the main doors to open.

From start to finish the mood was immense, full of  laughter. Every single author was just so lovely and friendly, everyone that attended seemed to be full of smiles; so we felt pretty pleased with ourselves  :)

A quick bite to eat and before we knew it the afternoon got into full swing, streams of fans walked round the hall. Looking for their favourite authors and discovering new ones to chat to. There were so many little moments that touched us, the hugs from people we had chatted to online then being grab for pictures… one that stands out is when our friend Clare came and fetch myself and Jo from the front ticketing area and said " you have to see this" ……. she rushed us into the main hall and said "you see … you did this, you made this all happen!" the view was a hall full of amazing people, banners, laughing and camera flashes….. we were overwhelmed and cried happy tears.

Then a super quick turn around in the hall to transform it into the evening ball, again the fine details took time to set up and we literally threw on our ball dresses lol! The effect was beautiful and made us a touch emotional … Rachel more so :)

Maybe the defining moment was at the end when the dj played Kings of Leon fabulous song 'Sex on fire', the hall just erupted and we kicked off our shoes and danced the rest of the night away ~ well until the bar closed! We gave our last hugs and said goodnight to everyone before collecting up the few mementos and table decorations that were left behind.

Too high on emotion for the night to end we slipped off to the residents bar, chatting and recounting some of the details that had made us laugh or caught our eye throughout the night.

There are so many people to thank for all the support, help and encouragement from start to finish we have been truly lucky to have had you all with us. Without you all it would have been just an empty hall, you guys made this event! So thank you all xxxxx


You can see some of the day and evening event pictures over in the Galley page

but we also made these for a bit of fun!!!

Some of the Thank you's we had sent to us are here

We  have added Some lovely blogs written about the event so we added the links at the bottom of this page if you would like read more about the Peterborough event.

Sooooooo that just leaves us to say "SEE YOU IN LEEDS!" lol

Would be great to see you all again and you can keep up to date with us and all our other events here and on all social media sites, we are on them all :)

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